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Transfer files between Mobile, PC & Tivi devices

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Exchange any files on any devices

Support transfer files on any devices to your Android phones, tablet or Android TV that installed AirExchange. No file type or file size limited. Upload and download any files you desired.

Privately file sharing

Easy to choose what you want to share. Share photos, videos of a party or travel trip with your friends under a folder you created. Share the folder to and your friends will get photos and videos you all shared the moment.

Easy to transfer files to Android TV

Minimalistic, intuitive and focus on what you need. Click the start button and you can transfer your musics, videos, photos or any files to your living room Android Tivi. Enjoy your media content on your Android TV is much easier with this helpful tool.

Control who you want to share

You share your music, videos, photos to whom you want to. You don't need to connect to the internet or LAN wifi. It's enough with your personal shared Wifi hotspot at any places you want.

Exchange files is never easier

Upload or download unlimited files from any devices. Drag and drop your files on and then your files will be transfered to your target device in no time. No limit, all free. Transfer millions of files if you want.

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